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Ultra Sensitive Laundry Kit

Ultra Sensitive Laundry Kit

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Banish irritation with our Ultra Sensitive Eco Laundry Liquid & Ultra Sensitive Eco Fabric Softener. Made with all-natural ingredients, it's gentle enough for the most delicate skin - perfect for baby linens, sensitive skin, or anyone seeking a natural touch. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals, hello to luxuriously soft clothes that care for your skin!

Product Info

Skin-Loving Softness: Our Ultra Sensitive Eco Laundry Liquid & Fabric Softener duo gently cleans and softens clothes using plant-based ingredients, perfect for sensitive skin and baby clothes.

Eco-Friendly Clean: This eco-friendly combo cares for your clothes and the planet. Made with natural ingredients, it minimises harsh chemicals and is kinder to the environment.

Gentle Yet Effective: Don't sacrifice cleanliness for comfort! This duo effectively removes dirt while leaving clothes feeling luxuriously soft and irritation-free.


How To Use

Simple Steps for Soft, Gentle Clothes:

Laundry Liquid: Follow dosage instructions on the bottle and add directly to your washing machine's detergent dispenser.

Fabric Softener: Use the designated fabric softener dispenser in your washing machine. Fill to the desired level (check the bottle for recommendations) for added softness.

Wash: Select your preferred washing cycle and start the machine!"

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Cleaner, kinder and all-natural

The perfect laundry partner with a gentle luxury scent

100% natural and non-toxic, this laundry wash is perfect for washing baby and newborn linens, as well as pet bedding and delicates, leaving your laundry sanitised, clean, and smelling fresh.

Discover natural laundry care that is good for you and the environment!

  • Tackle tough dirt & stains
  • Keeps clothing & linen soft
  • Reduces allergens that cause asthma, skin irritation and intolerances
  • Leaves clothes and linen smelling beautifully fresh