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Home Starter Kit

Home Starter Kit

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Ditch the Chemicals, Embrace Clean Living with the Home Starter Kit! ✨

This essential bundle is your one-stop shop for a naturally clean and safe home. Here's what's inside:

Fruity & Veggie Wash: Wash away wax, pesticides, and surface dirt from your produce – all without harsh chemicals! Just wash, rinse, and enjoy the pure taste of nature.

Alcohol-Free Sanitiser: Shield your family from germs on everything from kitchen surfaces and toys to pet accessories and electronics. This gentle formula is safe for everyone (and everything!)

Orange Blossom & Tangerine Multipurpose Cleaner: Ditch the toxic fumes! This plant-powered cleaner tackles dirt and grime on all surfaces, leaving behind a delightful citrus scent.

The Home Starter Kit makes cleaning easy, safe, and kind to your family and the planet. Go green, clean green, and breathe easy with natural cleaning power!

Product Info

Looking to ditch the chemicals and embrace a naturally clean home? The Home Starter Kit, your perfect partner in clean living for the whole family! This everyday kit keeps your home fresh, clean, and eco-friendly. Clean fresh produce with Fruit & Vegetable wash, sanitise your home with the gently scented multifunction cleaner, and spray down surfaces, kids toys, and more with our surface sanitiser.


How To Use

Here's a quick guide to using each eco-friendly product:

1. Wash Away Fresh Produce Worries :

Fill a bowl with water and add a few pumps of the Fruity & Veggie Wash.

Let your little ones help swish their fruits and veggies for a few seconds (supervised fun!).

Rinse thoroughly with clean water – now they're safe and ready for healthy snacking!

2. Sanitise Surfaces Safely (Pet-Friendly and Kid-Approved):

Shake well before use.

Spray the Alcohol-Free Surface Sanitiser directly onto surfaces like countertops, toys, pet beds, or even electronics. (No harsh fumes to worry about!)

Wipe clean with a microfiber cloth or paper towel – playtime can resume germ-free!

3. Clean with Citrus Power:

For everyday cleaning adventures, dilute the Orange Blossom & Tangerine Multipurpose Cleaner according to the instructions on the bottle. (Easy for you, safe for them!)

Apply the diluted solution with a spray bottle or microfiber cloth. Let your little helpers join in on wiping down tables or shelves.

Wipe clean and enjoy the fresh, natural scent – your clean home will smell amazing too!

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