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Aroma Duo (Large)

Aroma Duo (Large)

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Breathe easy, travel fresh! Our Aroma Duo is great value! Two 225ml bottles - Sweet Dream for relaxing nights & Energetic for refreshing your energy. Sanitise & refresh any space with pure, natural essential oils. Plant-based & vegan! Perfect for travel, home, yoga, or your car.
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Product Info

Breathe Easy, Live Well with our 225ml Aroma Duo!
Naturally Sanitise & Refresh: This convenient aromatherapy spray harnesses the power of pure essential oils to cleanse and revitalise your surroundings.

Safe for Everyone: Enjoy peace of mind with a non-toxic formula that's safe for kids, pets, and everyday use.

Multipurpose Marvel: Use it in hotels, on yoga mats, linens, or even your office! Effectively combat germs while leaving a fresh, invigorating scent.

Aroma Duo: Your all-in-one product for a naturally clean and revitalised space!


How To Use

Simple Steps for a Naturally Fresh Space!
Shake Well: Before each use, give your room and linen spray a quick shake to ensure the essential oils are well-mixed.

Sanitise & Refresh: For surfaces like yoga mats, linens, or even your keyboard, hold the spray bottle 6-8 inches away and lightly mist the area. Wipe down with a clean cloth if desired.

Freshen the Air: To combat odours in hotels, offices, or during meditation, point the spray nozzle away from your face and mist a few times into the air.

Enjoy the Benefits: Inhale the refreshing aroma of the essential oils as they work their magic.

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Rejuvenate, sanitise and restore

Here’s why we love our Aromatherapy spray

Our Sweet Dream Aromatherapy Room & Linen spray is so much more than a beautiful, natural scent for your home.
Transform any space into a serene haven with the soothing aroma of pure and natural, lavender and sweet orange essential oils.

Enjoy all the benefits - naturally.

  • Perfect for pillows, towels and linen
  • Easily refresh bathrooms and toilets
  • Impress guests in your home, hotel or Airbnb
  • Pamper your pets with fresh, sanitised beds