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Averdant Australia

Alcohol-free Surface Sanitiser

Alcohol-free Surface Sanitiser

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Get peace of mind and germ-free living with our multi-use surface sanitiser.

Non-Toxic And Alcohol-Free Formula

Kills 99% Of Germs & Bacteria

Pure, Natural, And Effective Sanitising

Non-Flammable And Safe For Travel 

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Product Info

Change the way you sanitise with our revolutionary All-Natural Surface Sanitiser. It's time to say goodbye to harsh chemical sprays and welcome the power of nature into your cleaning routine. Crafted with care, this non-toxic and alcohol-free formula is the ultimate embodiment of safety and effectiveness.


Purified Water, Biodegradable Coconut Surfactant*, Citrus Pulp Extract*, Citric Acid*, Lactic Acid (Natural), Benzalkonium Chloride, Glycerine*

How To Use

Available in a 225ml bottle, it's a great option for using on all high-traffic surfaces. Store one in your office desk to sanitise screens and keyboards, your car for cleaning sticky finger smudges, and home for general use. You can even take it to gym to clean equipment before and after use!

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Eco-friendly, plant-based ingredients

Embrace the power of nature’s protection

Extend the protection of our sanitiser to every corner of your life – sanitise your kitchen gadgets including the fridge, chopping blocks and surfaces, bathroom surfaces and toilet, office equipment including keyboards, mouse and mobile phone, pet products like kennel, leashes and toys and kids items like bike handles, toys and play equipment.

  • Multi-use formula ideal for any cleaning kit
  • Gentle formula prevents dryness
  • Rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness
  • Alcohol-free, chemical-free, and non-toxic