How to Make Your Family Summer Holidays Eco-Friendly!

How to Make Your Family Summer Holidays Eco-Friendly!

Summer holidays are the perfect time for families to bond, explore, and create lasting memories together. As you plan your family adventure, consider making it an eco-friendly one. This guide will show you how to have an eco-conscious family summer holiday without sacrificing fun and relaxation. Plus, we'll introduce a natural hand sanitiser that keeps your loved ones safe on the go.

Why go eco-friendly for your summer holiday?

Family holidays are an excellent opportunity to teach children about responsible travel and the importance of protecting the environment. Here's why eco-friendly family summer travel matters:

  • Educational value: Eco-friendly travel exposes children to diverse ecosystems and cultures, offering valuable learning experiences.
  • Lead by example: By modelling eco-conscious behaviour, parents instil sustainable values in their children.
  • Protect nature: Travel often takes families to pristine natural environments. Responsible travel ensures these places remain unspoiled for future generations.
  • Health and safety: Eco-friendly practices often mean less exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins, promoting the well-being of your family.

Now, let's explore the ways you can make your family's summer holiday eco-friendly:

1. Choose family-friendly sustainable destinations

Select destinations known for their commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism. Look for family-friendly eco-resorts, national parks, and green cities that offer enriching experiences for all ages.

2. Eco-friendly accommodation for families

Look for family accommodations that follow sustainable practices, such as energy-efficient lighting, water conservation, and waste reduction programs. These places often offer kid-friendly amenities and activities that promote eco-consciousness. When you arrive at your destination, you can even sanitise your rooms and linen in an eco-friendly way using our multi-function cleaner or antibacterial linen and room spray to ensure your space is clean without compromising on your values!

3. Travel light and pack smart

Encourage your family to pack light, reducing your carbon footprint while simplifying your travel experience. Pack reusable items such as water bottles and shopping bags and choose eco-friendly toiletries.

4. Use sustainable transportation 

Try out eco-friendly transportation options that are suitable for families:

  • Public transit: Utilise local buses, trams, and trains to explore your destination comfortably.
  • Carpooling: Share rides with other families or locals to reduce emissions and travel costs.
  • Family bicycling: Rent bicycles for the family to explore your surroundings in an eco-friendly way.
  • Walking: Embrace leisurely strolls to explore the destination together on foot.

If you must fly, choose direct flights to minimise your environmental impact. Consider purchasing carbon offsets to neutralise your family's emissions.

5. Support local businesses

Frequent local markets, family-friendly restaurants, and shops to support the local economy. Involve your children in choosing locally-made products and dining at family-owned eateries to teach them about responsible consumption.

6. Reduce plastic usage

Prioritise reusable items like water bottles and shopping bags to minimise plastic waste. Carry a natural hand sanitiser that is gentle on your family's skin and the environment, preventing holiday illnesses and keeping hands clean:

  • Alcohol-free, chemical-Free, and non-toxic: Our natural hand sanitiser kills 99% of germs without causing dryness or skin irritation.
  • Germ-free living wherever you go: With 200 pumps in a convenient 50ml bottle, it's perfectly sized for your handbag, car, baby bag, or desk drawer.
  • Safety first, even for little hands: It's safe for families and babies, rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness. Plus, it's non-flammable and safe for travel.

7. Conserve water and energy

Teach your children the importance of water and energy conservation. Encourage them to turn off lights and appliances when not in use and take shorter showers to save water.

8. Respect wildlife and natural habitats

Teach your family to appreciate and respect wildlife. Keep a safe distance, avoid feeding animals, and do not disturb their habitats. Follow all posted guidelines for eco-sensitive areas.

9. Have fun on family-friendly eco activities

Participate in family-friendly eco-activities like nature hikes, wildlife tours, or volunteering with local environmental organisations. These experiences provide valuable lessons and lasting memories.

10. Make responsible food choices

Look for restaurants that serve locally-sourced, organic, and sustainable food. Encourage your children to try local cuisine, reducing the carbon footprint associated with importing exotic ingredients. If you shop for fresh fruit and vegetables, use this all-natural wash to remove any dirt, germs, and contaminants.

11. Offset your family's carbon footprint

Consider purchasing carbon offsets for your family's trip. Many organisations offer family-friendly carbon offset programs that invest in projects like reforestation or renewable energy production to compensate for your emissions. Another good idea is to plant a native tree in your garden when you get home!

12. Minimise waste

Reduce waste by bringing reusable containers for takeout food and leftovers. Compost food scraps if available and recycle materials according to local guidelines. 

13. Respect cultural and environmental differences

Before visiting a new destination, research local customs, traditions, and environmental regulations. Teach your children to respect these differences to ensure a positive cultural exchange and minimise your family's environmental impact.

14. Buy eco-friendly souvenirs

Choose souvenirs made from sustainable materials or that support local artisans and communities. Avoid products made from endangered species or materials that harm the environment.

Summer family holidays are an opportunity to bond, learn, and make unforgettable memories. By adopting eco-friendly travel practices, you can ensure your family has a fantastic time while making a positive impact on the environment. Whether it's choosing sustainable accommodations, reducing plastic usage, supporting local businesses, or engaging in responsible activities, every effort counts in preserving our planet for future generations. Embark on your next family adventure with a commitment to eco-conscious travel and create cherished memories while nurturing a sense of responsibility and respect for the Earth.

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