How to Green Your Laundry Routine!

How to Green Your Laundry Routine!

As we celebrate the New Year and our commitment to live more sustainably, let's turn our attention to an everyday activity that often goes unnoticed in terms of its environmental impact – laundry day! The simple act of washing and drying our clothes can contribute to a significant carbon footprint. However, by adopting eco-friendly laundry practices, you not only contribute to a healthier planet but also save on energy costs in the long run. In this guide, we will explore a variety of tips and insights to make your laundry routine more sustainable.

Wash Clothes Less Frequently

Before you hit the start button on your washing machine, take a moment to inspect your clothes. If they lack visible stains, odours, or soils, consider giving them an extra wear before tossing them into the laundry hamper. This simple act not only conserves water but also reduces energy consumption, making your laundry routine more eco-friendly.

Use a Natural Laundry Liquid

Switching to a natural laundry liquid that's eco-friendly, chemical-free, free of synthetic fragrances, vegan, and greywater friendly transforms your laundry routine into a greener, more sustainable practice. This conscientious choice not only supports the environment but also ensures that your clothes are free from harmful chemicals, promoting a healthier lifestyle and protecting you and your family from respiratory and skin irritants. It’s one of the easiest ways to make a positive impact with every wash by choosing a laundry liquid that aligns with your commitment to both personal well-being and the well-being of the planet. And plant-based cleaning is very effective too!

Wash on Cooler Temperatures

The temperature setting on your washing machine plays a crucial role in energy consumption. Choosing warm or cold water (30 degrees is your best everyday option) instead of high temperatures can cut your washer's energy usage in half without making your wash any less effective! This not only reduces your carbon footprint but also helps in preserving the longevity of your clothes. This also helps prevent your clothes from shrinking! Delicate fabrics in particular, tend to be shrink-prone under high temps. So, sticking to the cold cycle will help ensure that your clothes stay the right size every time!

Stop Using the Pre-Wash Cycle

Skip the pre-wash cycle on your washing machine. Usually meant for hefty stains like grass or food, it tends to consume more water and energy. With today's advanced appliances and detergents, this step is often unnecessary. Save resources by ditching the habit and instead, tackle stains individually before washing. Try a stain remover or even eco-friendly washing-up liquid for a more efficient and eco-conscious laundry routine.

Activate an Extra Spin Cycle

After the wash cycle finishes, consider selecting a drain and spin cycle – especially if your washing machine can only spin at speeds of 1000 RPM or less. This additional step removes excess liquid from your clothes through rapid spin speeds, significantly reducing the amount of energy your dryer needs to dry them. It's a simple yet effective way to make your laundry routine more energy-efficient.

Run 80% Full Loads Whenever Possible

Patience pays off when it comes to laundry. Waiting until you have a full load before starting the washing machine minimises energy usage throughout your laundry routine. While washing machines typically use a consistent amount of energy for each load size, running full loads ensures optimal efficiency. Just be sure not to overload your machine, so that you maintain a balance between efficiency and cleanliness. We recommend filling it to 80% capacity.

Invest in an Energy-Efficient Washing Machine

When you’re looking for a new washing machine, make sure the one you get delivers long-term savings and performance by choosing an energy-efficient model. Choosing a front loader is one of the easiest strategies here to improve your sustainability, since they use 60% less energy and water than top loaders!

You can also look for efficiency-centric features, such as programmable timers for off-peak rates and the flexibility to select cold water cycles with lower spin speeds. Always look at the Energy Star rating scheme before you buy to make sure you’re getting a model with the highest star rating for both energy and water efficiency.

Always Clean the Dryer Lint Trap

If you have a dryer for those wet, rainy seasons, it can also play a crucial role in energy efficiency. Cleaning the lint trap before every drying cycle not only ensures safety but also improves airflow within the dryer. This simple step allows heat to be distributed evenly, reducing the overall energy required for drying. It’s also very important for fire safety!

Choose Sunshine to Dry Clothes

Drying clothes outdoors isn't just a practical way to save energy; it's a sustainable choice with multiple benefits. And the great thing is that we have so much sun in Australia! Harnessing the power of the sun and wind reduces reliance on electric dryers, cutting down energy consumption. Additionally, the natural freshness imparted to clothes during outdoor drying enhances their lifespan, minimising wear and tear. Embracing this eco-friendly approach not only contributes to lower utility bills but also fosters a deeper connection with nature, turning a simple household task into a refreshing and sustainable daily ritual.

By implementing the tips and insights provided, you not only contribute to a greener planet but also create a more cost-effective and energy-efficient laundry routine. Small changes in your laundry habits can lead to significant positive impacts, proving that sustainability is achievable in every aspect of our daily lives. Here's to another year of making environmentally conscious choices!

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